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5 Reasons why a REALLY good logo is important!

A logo is more than just a symbol that gets placed on business cards, signs, letterheads and invoices, it is essentially the face of your business! We work hard to make sure we look the part in our daily lives, yet we often neglect to make our businesses look good to the outside world.┬áBut a logo is so much more than just the a good first impression, it can have a lasting impact on your company.   Here are five reasons why having a REALLY good logo is essential;   1. First Impression Before a customer interacts with your business they would have developed a first impression of your company, partly due to your logo. If your logo looks professional your customers trust your company is too.   2. Builds Professional Trust A professional logo conveys the message of a well established, well run company. Essentially telling customers that you are good at what you do. The same can not be said for a poorly executed logo, in fact it portrays the exact opposite message.     3. Attracts New Customers We see hundreds of logos a day and we all know a good logo when we see one. When […]